Why learn Javascript

Why learn javascript

Wondering why learn Javascript? 
JavaScript is the programming language of the web. It is the an eternal language. It is a must have skill for any programmer who is building applications for web and mobile..

Hands-on with Javascript

Hands-on with javascript is a course for users who know basics of javascript but are not confident to independently work as javascript developer. It is for users who have been dealing with javascript but never had opportunity to work on javascript. It is for users to want to take their javascript skill to next level.

Return the largest number from an array

In this exercise we have to write a javascript program that will return the largest number from an array. You are free to solve this exercise in the language of your choice let it be javascript, c, c++ or php. The objective of this exercise to help you build programming logic.

First Javascript program – print hello world

In this assignment you will write your first javascript program that will print “hello world”.

This is the first assignment given to any developers when they begin learning any programming language. But in this assignment we were also test your knowledge to use different ways to display the message to the user.

Basic responsive clean minimal


Basic is fully responsive, clean and minimal WordPress theme. It has various options in WordPress Customizer to change look of the theme – primary design color, background and header, page layout (left or right sidebar, full or centered content).

Greet the guests

In this programming exercise you have to greet the guests using their name and title matching their gender. Feel free to solve this exercise in the language of your interest. Javascript being the preferred language of choice.