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Parvez is a front end developer and trainer from Mumbai India. I am passionate about creating Light, Clean, Scalable, Semantic and Responsive interfaces that work across browsers.

Image upload

In this project we have to develop a image upload functionality in PHP. The functionality can be used to allow the users to upload profile picture, or upload an image for any kind of product.

Image upload requirements

  • Image format should be only .jpg file
  • Image size should not exceed 20kb
  • Image dimension should be in a ratio of 4:3 for better rendering on mobile devices
  • Create a folder name users and store the upload file in this folder

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Simple Javascript photogallery

In this assignment the programmers will develop a Simple Javascript photogallery to let users browse through different photos on your website.

Photo gallery is a basic need in any website or web based project. The project will help you utilize your basic logic and coding skills.

Simple Javascript photogallery – requirements

  • Generate the thumbnails from the photo details stored in a javascript or JSON object
  • Load the first photo by default
  • On clicking the thumb nails the respective image should load
  • On clicking on next/prev icons the next and previous image should load
  • If you are on the last photo, the next arrow should load the first image
  • If you are on the first image the previous arrow should load the last image

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Five exercises on numbers that will help you develop your logic

Five programming exercises with numbers that will help you develop your logic.

Find the largest number from the following series of 7 numbers

In this exercise you have to the find the largest number from the following series

10,12,15,3,5, 22, 2


  • Store the numbers in an array
  • Make use of temp variable to store the greater when comparing 2 of them
  • Write a for loop to compare all the other numbers

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if-else condition

Code snippet of a if-else condition in PHP, Javascript

Code snippet of a if-else condition in PHP

Code snippet of a if-else condition in Javascript

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