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Image upload

In this project we have to develop a image upload functionality in PHP. The functionality can be used to allow the users to upload profile picture, or upload an image for any kind of product.

Image upload requirements

  • Image format should be only .jpg file
  • Image size should not exceed 20kb
  • Image dimension should be in a ratio of 4:3 for better rendering on mobile devices
  • Create a folder name users and store the upload file in this folder

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Validate a form using pure PHP

In this project we will validate a form using pure PHP.
The form can be used to make a new user register or sign up. The form consist of almost all the form fields that we use in our day to day projects.

Validate a form using pure PHP –¬†Project requirements

  • Check for blank input type using php
  • Check the length of an input type using php
  • Check for duplicate values in php
  • Check for valid email format in php
  • Check for alphanumeric password in php
  • Check for numeric mobile number in php
  • Check for image upload and image format in php
  • Check for date of birth selection using select menu in php
  • Check for gender selection using radio button in php
  • Check for terms selection using check box in php

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