How to setup wordpress locally on windows using XAMPP

This is the first step for a wordpress newbie,  if you want to start working with WordPress.

This is a step by step tutorial on how to setup wordpress locally on windows system using XAMPP.

WordPress is build on PHP/MySQL platform, so I am assuming that you already have XAMMP installed on your windows system.

If you do not have XAMMP installed in your windows system, please check out tutorial on how to install XAMMP on windows.

Kindly follow the steps below and you will have your first wordpress website running in your local system in less than a couple of minutes.

  1. Click here to download the latest version of wordpress 3.7.1
  2. Save the zip file ‘‘ any where in your system. Unzip the file. You will see a ‘wordpress‘ folder
  3. Copy the ‘wordpress‘ folder and paste in your ‘htdocs‘ folder which is inside ‘xampp‘ folder. In my case the path is “D:\xampp\htdocs”
  4. Start XAMMP, Start ‘Apache‘ and ‘MySQL
  5. Now open your browser and type ‘http://localhost/wordpress’
  6. You will see a page, where it asks you to create a config file, don’t be scared and just click on the ‘Create a configuration file’ button

    Wordpress set up create a configuration file
    WordPress set up create a configuration file
  7. WordPress needs some details before installation. Click the ‘Let’s go‘ button

    Wordpress set database details
    WordPress set database details
  8. Now before entering the details, we need to create a database named ‘wordpress‘ using phpmyadmin interface. Click here to see our tutorial on how to create a MySQL database locally

    Wordpress set database details
    WordPress set database details
  9. Once you have created the database, enter the details. I am entering the ‘database‘ name as ‘wordpress‘ as created in step 8. username as ‘root‘ and leaving ‘password‘ blank. This is the username and password I use to connect to a database.

    Wordpress setup database details
    WordPress setup database details
  10. WordPress is ready to install. Click ‘Run the install‘ button

    Wordpress setup install
    WordPress setup install
  11. Enter the WordPress site details and click the ‘Install wordpress‘ button. Please note you will be using this username and password in wordpress admin to manage content.
    • Site Title : My first wordpress website
    • Username : admin
    • Password : ofyourchoice
    • Email : youremail
    • Uncheck : Allow search engines to index this site.

      Wordpress setup site details
      WordPress setup site details
  12. Bingo, there you go. You have your first wordpress website running on your local system. Just type http://localhost/wordpress in your browser and you will see the the website.

    Wordpress setup Installed successfully
    WordPress setup Installed successfully

If you want to add new posts/pages and manage content. You can login to admin system by typing http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin in your browser and enter the username and password you entered in step 11.

I hope this helps.

Kindly comment if this tutorial helped you.

Feel free to raise questions if something is wrong or not working for you. I shall be happy to help you out.